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Antiques Removals in London

We are the most reliable and efficient moving company in London as of today. Among the many moving services that our clients can choose from, the antique removals in London solution that we offer is definitely the one that requires the most precision, knowledge and skills. Fortunately, the Official Removals team of well trained and fully licensed movers and helpers have all those things and more.

Official Removals – your leading movers in London

We move high value items in London with professionalism and care for the detail. Since we have established our company several years ago, we have worked for galleries, museums and private individuals, moving their antiques across London. We have even oversaw several overseas relocations of highly priced works of art and artifacts. It is safe to say that our removal teams in London have all it takes to manage your project in a proper manner, and on a reasonable price, too.

Our fleet of moving vans is our major strength

In order to guarantee the successful completion of your antique move in London, we are going to bring in the full resources of our company. This includes our large fleet of modern and very well maintained removal vehicles. Our vans come in various sizes so that they can accommodate projects of any scale. All our vehicles:

  • Are carefully cleaned after every operation
  • Are Navigated through modern GPS tracking equipment
  • Come with relevant safety gear – moving belts and straps, blankets etc to guarantee the integrity of your high value items

We will pack your items and make sure they are safe throughout the relocation

Old ChestWe take safety in a very high regard. When it comes to moving antiques, no compromises can be made, and we do not intend to start making them while handling your project. The packing supplies that are going to be used would be of the highest quality. Our packing supplies include plastic crates and durable double walled removal boxes. Our helpers use only tested methods to make sure that nothing bad is going to happen to your antique objects while they are on the road. additionally we will make sure that the proper insurance is in order, just in case. When we say that we are going to manage your project from the beginning until the end, we truly mean it. You can count on us for that. Feel free to contact us for a free quote today.

We are based in and operate throughout the territory of London. The capital is divided into 32 boroughs and the City, which is the historical heart of the metropolis. Established over two thousand years ago by the Romans, London has been the capital of England since the Middle Ages. Today it is a financial and cultural centre of global importance. The British Museum, Kew Gardens and Tate Modern are attractions that are visited by millions of tourists every year. They are really worth checking out, so make sure to drop by when you have the time for that.

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