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House And Flat Removals in London

We deal professionally with all types of domestic property relocations, including house and flat removals. It is well worth it to use a specialised moving service, even for those small scale relocations like one bedrooms and flats because one such option ensures every aspect of the process is taken care of properly. This has especially to do with all the small things which tend to get overlooked but are actually very important for a swift and inexpensive house removal. Our professional house and flat moving service in London is the comprehensive, yet cost effective solution you need. We will expertly organise and carry out the entire project from start to end, providing you with exceptional quality service worth your time and money.

Qualified removal teams – no damage or loss of valuables

Affordable home moving in LondonCareful handling and safe transportation of customer belongings is always a priority, even more so in the case of domestic removals in London, when we are usually dealing with objects of high sentimental value which must be kept safe at all cost. In light of this we have made sure that our removal teams are up to the task.

  • We employ professional removal drivers who will make sure everything is loaded and offloaded in the correct order, and secured properly to prevent damage from bumps and grinds during transportation from A to B.
  • All aspects of the removal service itself such as packing, inventory, labelling/numbering of boxes and crates etc. is taken care of by qualified mover technicians who have the necessary skills and expertise.
  • If there are any specific requirements for the safe handling and adequate transportation of some items, please let us know in advance so that proper arrangements can be made.

Our vehicles

A good quality removal service, domestic or other, needs adequate means of transportation. Because of this we maintain and operate a fleet of purpose-built transport vehicles of 3.5 ton load capacity. Our vans are cleaned at the end of each day, technically well maintained and tracked in real time through GPS. For large scale London house relocations, we are able to send out a number of vehicles to the address in order to complete the removal in a timely manner.

Additional options

We understand that people have widely varied requirements when it comes to moving house. Although we cannot physically account for all of them, we have done a great deal to meet the important additional aspects which usually accompany every home removal we handle in London, such as:

  • Specialised packing and storage;
  • Delivery of packing materials and removal boxes;
  • Professional cleaning treatments (including end of tenancy);
  • Junk removals and property clearances;

Bear in mind these are also available as separate services at very reasonable prices.

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