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Should you move food during a removal?

1st June 2017 Advice

We live in an age in which humanity is used to transporting virtually anything. If you have a chance to sit down and speak with a mover in London you know, they will tell you all kinds of interesting stories about strange objects that they have delivered. This time we will take a look at the question about moving food. The answer here is simple – yes and no. For many years ordering food from abroad just for regular consumption was not allowed. Buying meet from overseas for example is something that only licensed companies can do and they have the proper paperwork about it.

The delivery itself is not hard, taking the right measures is

However, there are several aspects of relocating food and you will see that it is in fact not so big of a deal after all. As far as moving food during a household removal goes, then the answer is “no”. Who on Earth would come up with the idea of packing whatever’s left in their fridge or kitchen cabinets and moving it to their new location. As you have a Hammersmith and Fulham domestic removal you think about having your bed and electronics safely delivered and not about that pizza lying on your table. Most people would have their fridges emptied prior to the relocation anyway. Besides if you also need storage services you cannot leave foodstuff in the unit. It will go bad and the smell will be awful. So in short, nobody will transport your leftovers during a household removal. Food is basically considered junk at this point. Ask your trustworthy Fulham removal company once you hire one about this issue and they will surely give you the same answer.

Fridge with foodNow if we talk about deliveries entirely of food then this is completely normal. After all how do you think humanity has its supermarkets stocked? There are specialised van rental companies with the proper commercial vehicles by which large quantities of food are being transported. Some vehicles have freezer cargo boxes which keep the load fresh and ready to use. Now an important note here is the fact that most often you will see produce being transported overseas and not cooked meals. When food is cooked it goes bad really quickly. This is why most companies will agree on transporting produce which is then used in restaurants, stores and hotels.

Last words

However, none of the above is possible without the proper licensing and certificates. UK and London van hire companies are generally flawless. You can get a fine relocation firm in Hammersmith which will basically perform any sort of delivery you wish. You task is only to state exactly what you need so that you can get the van or the flatbed lorry which will most suit your case. Make sure you always ask for a complete CMR insurance so that you can be protected against all damages.