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Office Removals in RM2, RM3 – Gallows Corner

Moving your office to another location is a stressful and hectic experience, which usually gets in the way of more important business commitments and daily staff duties. Your office relocation though doesn’t have to be the ordeal which most business owners anticipate it to be as using specialised assistance should make the whole process much easier and more manageable for you and your staff.
If you are looking for a locally based removals company that can handle your entire office removal from start to end and get the job done right, then we, at Office Removals Gallows Corner, have the right service for you. We are an established service provider, which specialises in professional grade office relocations of the highest quality and efficiency. The company has been an active part of the removals industry for long enough to know what customers require of a genuinely good office removal service, therefore we strive for outstanding results and maximum cost efficiency on all jobs.High quality office relocations in Gallows Corner
Our professional office removal solutions are able to cover general and specific customer requirements, and can also be customised to meet specific needs concerning the removal in question. We have the technical capacity and expertise to plan, organise and complete successfully all stages of your office removal and ensure timely completion of the project.
Avoiding damage of items during handling and transportation is essential for our customers and us as a professional service provider thus we work with specially trained, professional movers, who possess the required skills and expertise to handle all aspects of the removal with the right pace and efficiency.
Being a specialised moving company means Office Removals Gallows Corner must be able to cover additional customer requirements in the same professional and highly efficient manner, and we have done so. Our customers have access to a number of additional service options, including single item office removals, clearance of redundant or damaged IT equipment, and of course a specialised storage service in secured, weatherproof storage facilities. We have good short notice availability and provide customers with punctual and reliable week round servicing, at very reasonable costs.
Easy and straightforward booking
You can easily hire our man and van company for your upcoming business relocation as we work with a flexible schedule which always has free slots for new jobs. It is also because of our well-tailored agenda that we are able to conduct late night operations which allow us to handle the removals of our clients without halting their daily operations. You can book our services by telephone, e-mail or the on-line form which we have posted on our company website.
The roundabout of Gallows Corners is located at about 16 miles from the well-known intersection of Charing Cross. It lies northeastern parts of the city in close proximity to several well-reputed local business establishments and shops. Gallows Corners links the area of Romford to some of the city’s most important roads such as A12, A118, A127 and Straight Road. The area’s that surround the roundabout as served by several bus routes.

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