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Things that you must know before moving overseas

22nd July 2017 Advice

Relocating domestically is hard and stressful enough, so you can only imagine how much more challenging moving abroad can be. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards seven things that you must know before you decide to pack your belongings and relocate to a foreign country.

1. Visa and work permit

Some countries require an entry visa and work permit from foreign citizens. Contact the local embassy of the state to which you are planning to move and ask what documents are necessary for you to obtain in order to enter the country and commence working. Keep in mind that the process of granting you a visa and work permit can be time consuming and can take up to several months.

2. Cultural shock

As we mentioned above, moving to a foreign country isn’t simple and cultural difference don’t make the transition any easier. This is why, you should conduct a research about the local way of life and traditions before you leave. This will get you a better picture of what awaits you and more importantly to allow you to learn in advance which gestures and sayings are acceptable and which are insulting to the local population.

3. Language

While English is the most spoken tongue on the planet but there aren’t any certainties that the locals would speak it. Furthermore, some nations have a strong national identity and therefore refuse to speak in a foreign language even if they know it. The best approach to this conundrum is to attend classes in order to learn the local tongue. You can do that while you are waiting to obtain your visa and work permit.

4. Local taxes and banking laws

If your move is temporary, you should get well acquainted with the local taxes and banking laws. Some countries have very high social taxes while others have severe laws concerning the exportation of money from local banks. All this means, that while you may be relocating to earn a bigger wage it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be making more money.

5. Moving expenses

International relocations are complex and therefore require better logistics and diligent execution. This automatically makes this type of moves more laborious, time sensitive and expensive. The easiest way to handle an international relocation is to delegate it to professional man and van contractors such as Official Removals who provide affordable overseas moving services from and to London.

6. Career opportunities

Most people relocate overseas in the pursuit of better life and greater career opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean in any way that you will easily find the job of your dreams as soon as you land and unpack your bags. Before, taking an important decision like moving abroad, you should learn as much as you can about the local employment market. Gather information on which sectors are in need of workers and which are stagnated. Also, learn which industries are thriving and which are weak points.

7. Acclimatisation

It is never easy to acclimate to new surroundings but there are ways to ease the process:

  • Make new friends
  • Pursue your hobbies
  • Keep touch with your family and friends back home
  • Explore your new city