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Great places to start a business in Redbridge

17th December 2017 Advice

When it comes to finances, or starting a business on the territory of London today, people immediately think about The City, or at least the recently developed “second financial heart” of the capital – the district of Canary Wharf. Even though there is some merit to opening a company’s office as close to the centre of the city as possible, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, comes the type of business that you are operating. Then again, you should know that having a small office in the City can be more expensive than renting a whole floor in a building in a Greater London borough such as Redbridge. Even though the City of Westminster has the highest rate of newly opened start-ups in the capital today, you should also know that statistics show that a new business is least likely to survive namely here.

So, here is a viable option for the survival of your business

If you want your company to survive the sometimes harsh business environment of the capital, and you actually want it to thrive, then you need to look for the right place for it. Depending on the sector you are operating in, it might be a pretty tough job to pin down the most viable candidates, but if you want to explore some new territories and give your business the chance to get to the next level, we would like to offer to you the north London borough of Redbridge. Located to a great extent within the Metropolitan Green Belt, Redbridge covers a significant territory – 56.41 square kilometres, and has population count of 299 200. It is often considered to be primarily a residential area, but the truth is that there are districts here that are very business friendly. Despite the relatively great distance from Central London, Redbridge has a very well developed transportation system, so reaching any part of the capital from here will take you no more than half an hour.

Top places in Redbridge to move your office to

We would like to bring your attention to three particular districts in the borough that you can consider moving your business to when it comes to relocate offices:

  • Gant’s Hill Tube stationGants Hill IG2 is part of the bigger suburban town of Ilford. The area is known for its very nice schools, such as the Valentines High School, and several pretty popular entertainment venues. Recent regeneration projects that were carried out in the district however attracted the attention of many investors and the area becomes a more and more popular location for business. If you are looking for a still relatively unexplored territory – business-wise – and has a very promising future, then Gants Hill is indeed the right choice for you.
  • Goodmayes is another viable option. With population of a little over 13 000, and a well developed transport network – Goodmayes railway station was opened in 1901 – it is a comfortable and attractive area characterised by beautiful Edwardian architecture and recently thriving business environment. Actually, Goodmayes was largely undeveloped until the end of the 19th century, which makes it one of the youngest and freshest districts in the borough as of today. Another plus is the fact that it is easy to find punctual office removal services in Goodmayes that will help you finish up relocating your business in the area precisely in the way you hope it to be finished.
  • Hainault Business ParkThe availability of high quality office removal services in Hainault IG7 is just one of the reasons why you should consider moving your workplace to the district. Two London Underground Stations service the area – Hainault and Grange Hill on the Central line, so even if you and your employees have to commute from other places in the capital, it will not be a problem at all. The area is constantly being developed and expanded and it is becoming one of the most desirable residential places in the vicinity of the town of Ilford, and in Redbridge as a whole. This is good news for you if you are in the service sector, but also in any other, because the local council is very eager to stimulate businesses in the district in order to make Hainault an even better place.